Where is home?
Home is being with my partner and my children, wherever they are. I'm quite nomadic, so never really get stuck on a place, although I know I could never live anywhere landlocked.

Why book arts?
From childhood I've recognised that books are a portal to new worlds and opportunities, sometimes offering escape and hope. They are a powerful tool for enabling change. Journals are places of shelter and containment.

What materials do I use?
Anything I can find, there are very few boundaries.

What is my inspiration?
Life, death, rebirth. The belief that nature is more powerful than humans.
Love inspires me.

Chris Ruston
26/7/2012 07:37:47 am

Hi Ness I lecho what you say re inspiration, and love the way you have stated it.
Chris Ruston.

26/7/2012 03:38:45 pm

Thankyou Chris, for me that is the ultimate inspiration.


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