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Why book arts?  
I made little books as a child. After leaving Harrow School of Art I was a free lance illustrator for 10 years.Now I am interested in learning about all aspects of the ART of the book. I would like to try an altered book, as I struggle with 'desecrating' a book even if it is falling to pieces.  

What materials do you use? 
I like to try new things, and push boundaries, I wish I was much bolder.  

Different things and people inspire me.  Artists such as Elizabeth Frink, Rozanne Hawksley and David Hockney.  Grayson Perry is my all time favorite at the moment, and so is Margaret Cooter (a lady of a certain age like myself ) with her blogs about lost words and like Hockney and Perry she is not afraid to try new things and or to learn.

5/1/2014 06:40:54 pm

I’m so glad you liked this book! I’m very much looking forward to reading it! Also, that website is super cute.


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