Where is Home ?
I think I may be going through 'empty nest syndrome ' at the moment -  Home is where my loved ones are and that is ' here , there and everywhere x  - little parts of my heart left in many different places.  Saying that my Husband Loves and feels very connected to Chelmsford - so I am trying to Love Chelmsford more than anywhere else at the moment. 

Why Book Art ?
Books have always been my Best Friends x 

What materials do you use ?
I  often use my own digital images - often my " essexgirl Speaks" images - and I like to use my old singer  hand machine  ( that I bought from leigh on sea when I was 18)  to stitch into my books - with lots of loose threads - one of the last books had lots of rose petals tucked into the pages - just because i could x 

Inspiration ?
My Flickr Contacts - Chigall Spiritual Exhibition that I saw  recently  when I went too Tuscany. The Blogs I read online. 

Chris Ruston
26/7/2012 07:41:50 am

Hi Cherry,
I love your description of home, little pieces of your heart scattered around with your family, here there and everywhere.


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