Where is home?
I have two homes: a cosy house in Westcliff on Sea, and the warm pages of my Seawhite sketchbook.

Why books arts?
I like words and pictures.  I like nonsense.  I like making books that make people laugh, or think differently.  I like sharing and swapping books.  I like drawing, planning and using craft skills. I like creating something that can be touched.  I like being surprised by my work. I like being surprised by others.

Pen, paper, curiosity, screenprinting stuff, and Staple's photocopier.

The Beano, Heinrich Hoffman, history, vanity, and peculiar books from boot fairs and charity shops.

Where is Home ?
I think I may be going through 'empty nest syndrome ' at the moment -  Home is where my loved ones are and that is ' here , there and everywhere x  - little parts of my heart left in many different places.  Saying that my Husband Loves and feels very connected to Chelmsford - so I am trying to Love Chelmsford more than anywhere else at the moment. 

Why Book Art ?
Books have always been my Best Friends x 

What materials do you use ?
I  often use my own digital images - often my " essexgirl Speaks" images - and I like to use my old singer  hand machine  ( that I bought from leigh on sea when I was 18)  to stitch into my books - with lots of loose threads - one of the last books had lots of rose petals tucked into the pages - just because i could x 

Inspiration ?
My Flickr Contacts - Chigall Spiritual Exhibition that I saw  recently  when I went too Tuscany. The Blogs I read online. 

Where is home?
Home is being with my partner and my children, wherever they are. I'm quite nomadic, so never really get stuck on a place, although I know I could never live anywhere landlocked.

Why book arts?
From childhood I've recognised that books are a portal to new worlds and opportunities, sometimes offering escape and hope. They are a powerful tool for enabling change. Journals are places of shelter and containment.

What materials do I use?
Anything I can find, there are very few boundaries.

What is my inspiration?
Life, death, rebirth. The belief that nature is more powerful than humans.
Love inspires me.

Where is home?  
Where the heart is!

Why book arts?  
I made little books as a child. After leaving Harrow School of Art I was a free lance illustrator for 10 years.Now I am interested in learning about all aspects of the ART of the book. I would like to try an altered book, as I struggle with 'desecrating' a book even if it is falling to pieces.  

What materials do you use? 
I like to try new things, and push boundaries, I wish I was much bolder.  

Different things and people inspire me.  Artists such as Elizabeth Frink, Rozanne Hawksley and David Hockney.  Grayson Perry is my all time favorite at the moment, and so is Margaret Cooter (a lady of a certain age like myself ) with her blogs about lost words and like Hockney and Perry she is not afraid to try new things and or to learn.

Where is home?
Home is spending time walking with the family, either along shorelines, or the the wild open hills of North Wales. My second home is the British Museum!

Why Book Art?
Books offer an intimate expereince of discovery. Every page invites a conversation, whether spoken or thought.

What materials do you like to use?
PAPER, PAPER, more PAPER, inks,water.

We asked our exhibitors to tell us a little bit about themselves.
First up is Jane Woollatt.

Where is home?
Home is in my head, a thousand ideas chattering away: talking with friends around the kitchen table, sharing ideas.

Why Book Arts?
-because I'm surrounded by books and have a love/hate relationship with them - 'know your enemy'.

What materials do you like to use?
Time - and a lot of it, paper, ink, colour, maps, silk, string and a sharp knife.

What inspires you?